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Our mission is to increase financial awareness among entrepreneurs and to help them protect their wealth according to the rule “Nobody Cares More About Your Money Than You Do.”

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  • I have had the opportunity to cooperate with Milan for many years. During this time he proved to be an honest and hardworking person. He is unusually gracious and always approaches people with respect. It is a pleasure working with him.

    Adam Mrowiec
    Adam Mrowiec Co-Founder & CEO at Bergo
  • We worked with Milan on several projects. Together we have created  tools to improve trading on the stock market. The cooperation was exemplary. Milan is a concrete and honest man and he knows what he wants. I recommend this man because working with him is a pure pleasure.

    Jan Jabłoński
    Jan Jabłoński CEO at FxCraft
  • The first time I met Milan I had no idea what the stock market was and how to approach the world of investments. Today I am a full time investor and a very satisfied businessman. Some people think  that they know what will happen in 5 years  and they are confident in knowing  what is going on now. The real investor understands how the market works today  and have a perspective of the next 5 years. This is the kind of investor Milan is.

    Arkadiusz Kaznowski
    Arkadiusz Kaznowski CEO & Investor
  • Milan and I have been business partners for years. I have really enjoyed working with him and he has always presented differences honestly and directly. I see this as a very important attribute because it has contributed largely to a healthy work relationship. He is confident in what he does concerning the stock market and leads by example because he delivers commendable results. He deals in a true professional manner and  I wish for everyone to have a business partner like Milan Reder.

    Tomasz Stasik
    Tomasz Stasik Owner of Old Distillery Polish Vodka Company


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