I am an investor, entrepreneur and engineer. Trading has been my passion since a very young age.  After years of conducting traditional business, I decided to devote myself completely to my passion in trading on the stock market.  My analytic mentality helped me develop the necessary competence to succeed and thrive in this business. I specialize in emerging markets, risk management and investment cost optimization.


I have made no secret that greed led me to the financial markets. Greed not of the sort that costs investors sooner or later, but greed of which helped me discover unlimited possibilities in the financial market- greed of knowledge. I have come a long way alone to discover the truth about this business. Based on my previous experience I am immune to fake guru. In the world plagued with useless information, I decided to launch a page which strays away from theoretical misconceptions.

I invite you on my blog tradinglikeabusiness.com where you can find out how to approach the world of investment professionally and take advantage of it NOW! Nobody Cares More About Your Money Than You Do. If you would like to share your story with me please get in touch and connect.